Choosing the Right Dog Boarding Service

If you’re going away on business or vacation and have to leave your dog behind, you probably won’t be able to relax unless you’re confident that you’ve left them in very good hands. Finding your furry family members a safe and enjoyable place to stay isn’t always easy. After all, not all dog boarding facilities are created equal. But we can help!

What to Look for in a Boarding Facility
When choosing a place to board your dog, there are several factors you should consider. Here are some of the most important things to look for:

Access to Emergency and Veterinary Care
If your dog should be injured, get sick, need routine prescription medication or require any other type of treatment while you’re away, it’s important that their boarding facility is well staffed and equipped to meet all their needs.

Trained Staff
Some boarding facilities have minimally trained staff, while others require their caretakers to meet high animal care qualification standards. It’s important that the boarding facility you choose guarantees that there will be at least one highly qualified and trained staff member on site at all times.

When it comes to selecting the close quarters your dog will be sharing with other dogs, it’s important to make sure all dogs are required to be up to date on their vaccinations. Before you leave your dog with a boarding facility, make sure they require all guests to provide proper documentation to prove they’ve had their shots.

You want to make sure the entire boarding facility is clean and well maintained. A good facility keeps all hallways, rooms, and communal areas clean and well ventilated.

You don’t want to leave your dog to sit in a small space without being able to get out and stretch its legs. Look for a boarding facility that has scheduled activities, parks, dog runs, and other options to get your dog up and moving. This helps with separation anxiety and means your dog is probably having tons of fun while you’re gone!

You want your dog to have a warm bed to sleep in while you’re away. Make sure you find a boarding facility that either offers furniture in the dog rooms, or allows you to bring your dog’s bed from home.

American Pet Spa & Resort Dog Boarding

At American Pet Spa & Resort, we offer more than just dog boarding services. We go above and beyond by providing every guest we receive with a luxury resort experience.

We’re staffed with only the most qualified dog care professionals. We train all staff members to be receptive to individual dogs’ needs and respond to every situation appropriately.

We have three different sizes of rooms with attached patios, all of which are spacious and comfortable. Every one of our rooms is temperature controlled to ensure your dog’s comfort and has a TV to help your dog feel at home.

We make sure your dog keeps a fun and full schedule. Every Saturday night is movie and treat night, we have six play parks, and we have a play pool for when your dog feels like taking a dip.

Our full maid service makes the rounds daily to keep every room spotless, while our guest services staff in on-site around the clock to clean up other messes as needed.

We feed every guest according to their owner’s specific directions, including portions, time, and even treats. We also administer medication for any guest that requires it.

Want add-ons? You can make your pet’s staycation even better by adding extra playtimes and swimtime.

Learn more about our dog boarding services and book your dog’s stay here.

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