How to Manage Your Dog’s Shedding

Let’s face it: all dogs shed. And if you’re a dog enthusiast, you know better than anyone that dealing with shedding is a very small price to pay for the benefit of living with your furry companion. Plus, although it can seem like a messy nuisance at times, the shedding process is an important part of a dog’s overall health. Shedding is how dogs naturally lose their old or damaged hair – and paying attention to your dog’s shedding patterns can even serve as a helpful indicator of their needs.

Contributing Factors
The amount and frequency of shedding can vary depending on a variety of different factors – some of which are easier to alter than others. The most common factors that can influence shedding include breed type, age, diet, lifestyle, and season.

Some breeds simply don’t shed their coats as often or as much as others. Dogs’ shedding patterns can change and fluctuate as they age. Some dog foods promote a healthier coat and may reduce or help curb shedding. Sedentary dogs may shed differently than more active dogs. Seasons can also be a factor in how much a dog sheds. Many breeds grow thicker coats in the cold months and then shed them when the weather gets warmer.

Some dog owners struggle to deal with shedding because they’re unsure of the cause, or they’re not sure how to remedy it. What’s important to understand is it’s not your dog’s fault, shedding is extremely common, and you can take steps to manage it.

What You Can Do
One of the most helpful things you can to do manage your dog’s shedding situation is to keep up with their hygiene. Keeping hair clean and brushing it regularly can help reduce shedding and keep your dog comfortable. After all, shedding can cause discomfort and itchiness in dogs. By regularly removing loose hair, you can make life for your dog (and for yourself) much more comfortable.

Finding a quality professional dog grooming service and having your dog groomed regularly (every few months, at least) is vital to your dog’s health and wellbeing. At American Pet Spa & Resort, our professional dog groomers can help make sure your dog’s coat is well maintained year-round. We also provide a specialized de-shedding service to help reduce your dog’s shedding and keep them clean, comfortable, and under control.

About Our De-shedding Services

Our professional groomers will begin by thoroughly washing your dog using a special de-shedding shampoo and conditioner made to gently draw out the shed-ready fur so it doesn’t fall out at home.

Depending on the thickness of your dog’s coat and the amount of loose fur, they might also gently work out loose hair while your dog is still wet.

After blowing dry, more brushing and combing may be necessary in some cases to remove more loose hair.

The end result will be a clean and much more comfortable pup – not to mention, a less hair-covered future for you, your furniture, and your clothes.

Ready to take the next step in pampering and caring for your furry friend? Visit our Pet Spa page to learn about our grooming services and to book an appointment now! 

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