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3 Quick Tips For How to Leash Train Your Dog

Has a new dog just entered your life? Young or old, every pup should be leash trained. For new pet parents, it may be tempting to believe that dogs have at least some innate sense of how to walk politely on their leash—but this is not the case. An untrained pup will pull, lunge, bark, and take the lead every time if you don’t reinforce leash etiquette. To improve your dog’s walking manners, check below for our three quick leash training tips!


How to handle pulling: If your pup enthusiastically pulls the leash in a struggle for control, don’t get frustrated and yank them back. This aggressive correction is not only ineffective leash training but also risks injuring your pet’s throat and neck. Instead, patiently stand still until your dog notices and returns: naturally conceding leadership back to you. Be sure to reward your dog’s return with a tasty treat to incentivize their behavior change.


How to handle lunging: If your pup likes to lunge at various targets, be it another person, a dog across the street, or a darting lizard—your best option is to bring out the treats before your dog has a chance to lunge. This will redirect their attention back to you before you’re yanked off your feet! 


How to handle barking: According to the American Kennel Club, if your pup tends to bark excessively on their walks, it may be a sign of a lack of exercise. First, be sure your dog is receiving a healthy amount of physical and mental stimulation appropriate for their age and breed. To encourage less barking, district your dog with a treat, and put some distance between you and the source of your dog’s agitation. 

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