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Get Your Dog Groomed in Argyle


Similar to humans, dogs need regular grooming to stay fresh and healthy. Grooming your pet helps them feel clean, healthy, and happy. As responsible pet owners, it’s necessary for us to incorporate regular grooming routines throughout the day to help our pets such as: 

  • Brush the fur to prevent any matting and take out dirt and other debris. 
  • Brush the teeth with the appropriate toothbrush and toothpaste. If you’re unsure what kind of toothpaste you should get, talk with your veterinarian. 
  • Wipe the paws with a clean towel after they’re outside to clean off any dirt that may be clinging to their feet. 
  • Give your pet a bath every few weeks. The frequency of baths should be discussed with your veterinarian. Some pets may require more frequent showers than others based on their breed and health history. 


While grooming should become a regular part of your pet’s daily routine, there are certain grooming services that should be done by a professional. For example, cleaning a dog’s ears is a delicate task that requires expertise and knowledge to do. A dog’s cute floppy ears are magnets for insects and dirt and should be treated with extreme care when cleaning. Additionally, trimming a pet’s nails should be done by a professional with the correct equipment. Accidentally cutting too much of the nails can result in bleeding and pain for your dog. 


When selecting a grooming facility, consider one that offers a full suite of grooming services so that your pet is fully cared for and leaves feeling clean and fresh. Be sure the staff is knowledgeable and knows how to care for your pet while giving them the necessary grooming services

Get Your Pet Groomed At American Pet Spa & Resort

When your precious pooch is in need of some pampering, our Pet Spa is the place to be!

At American Pet Spa & Resort, our professional dog groomers provide services for all breeds and can address all of your canine companion’s needs. Professional grooming helps keep pets healthy from their ears to their tails, and you can always count on our expert groomers to provide exceptional care using high-quality products. Our dog groomers will work with you to not just meet but exceed your expectations. Whether your pet needs a simple bath and haircut or they require additional services, such as nail trimming, gland expression, or ear cleaning, we do it all!

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