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How Do You Calm an Anxious Dog for Grooming?

Anxiety is terrible, and if you have ever experienced it, you would know how terrible the feeling can get! Your pups also suffer from anxiety, and they can feel anxious easily, especially in places they are not familiar or comfortable with. No matter how good the groomer or how many times your pooch has seen them, a grooming experience can be a stressful time for them. Just imagine all the activity and loud noises going on around them! Because of this, dog owners need to know how to calm their anxious dogs for a trip to the groomers!


Tire Them Out First

If you bring your dog packed full of energy to your grooming appointment, everyone involved is in for a rough time. You can expect them to be active, vocal, and challenging to deal with if you don't tire them out first. Exercise is fantastic for stress relief and even better for stress prevention in dogs. If you have a grooming appointment for your pooch scheduled later that day, it would seriously help if you give them some good physical and mental exercise beforehand! Take them on a long walk or play active games with them until they're noticeably tired. An exhausted pup is much more likely to stay calm during grooming than an energetic one!


Treats and Rewards

Dogs are easy animals to work with, and they learn well with positive encouragement and motivation. Bringing treats with you and rewarding good behavior is a great way to encourage and motivate your dog to act nicely. It also helps them with their stress and anxiety if they expect a delicious treat during their grooming experience. Remember, you should only reward good behavior, so they learn what they should be doing!


Cooperate With Your Groomer

The difference between a great groomer and a decent one can go a long way, especially when it comes to your precious pup’s anxiety. It’s in you and your groomer’s best interests to work with each other to make the job go as smoothly as possible. Talk to them before the appointment and let them know what to expect. If your dog is energetic and generally unruly, let them know how you usually handle it and what they can do to help!


Have an Anxiety Free Grooming Experience at American Pet Spa & Resort

American Pet Spa & Resort offers full service for all your pet’s needs in one location. We are experts and experienced at taking care of dogs of all kinds. Our staff and facility are confident it can give your dog the service it needs without making it overly anxious. Give us a call and book an appointment for a worry-free grooming experience!

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