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Is Your Dog Getting Enough Exercise?


Exercise is a critical part in making sure your pup stays mentally and physically fit. No matter their age, breed, or size, it’s important that your dog is getting at least some exercise each and every day. The only exceptions are if they are injured, sick, or have a medical condition that may cause them to get hurt. In these situations, it’s best to get guidance from your local veterinarian.

Exercise provides incredible benefits for dogs including: 


  • Maintains lean muscle throughout the aging process: As pups grow older, their muscles begin to weaken and deteriorate. However, a dog that gets proper exercise will have strong muscles and good muscle mass even in their senior years.
  • Keeps the bones strong and dense: Regular exercise is vital to keeping the skeletal system and bone structure of your pup dense and healthy. With exercise, the bones can maintain their strength and density, which helps support the dog’s weight and gives them strength throughout the day.
  • Reduces obesity: Dogs who are sedentary and/or overeat are at high-risk for obesity, which can bring about additional complications that hurt the dog’s life. Regular exercise can help shed any excess fat and keep your dog in good shape. 


The amount of exercise a dog needs varies by age, breed, and size. In general, younger puppies need more exercise. If you’ve noticed your puppy getting the ‘zoomies’, then that’s their way of using up all the excess energy that they have. For younger dogs, try to schedule several short walks, playdates, or other outdoor activities each day. Also certain breeds (such as Border Collies) require more physical activity than others. Additionally, your dog’s medical condition and history can play a factor in the amount of exercise that is needed. The best thing to do is to discuss your pup’s exercise needs with a veterinarian to get the proper guidance. 

Let Your Dog Exercise In Our Doggy Swimming Pool and Daycare!

A great way to make sure your pup is getting the exercise they need is by bringing them to American Pet Spa & Resort. We offer swimming, which is available to both overnight and daytime guests, and is the perfect place for your pet to catch some rays and burn off some excess energy. You can also bring your canine to our daycare facility where we’ll make sure your pooch has a great time! Contact us if you have any questions. 

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