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Selecting a Doggy Daycare in Northlake


Have you ever wondered what your dog does while you’re away at work? Most of the time he is patiently waiting for your return. He may go lay in his bed for a few hours or play with a couple of his toys but really, he’s just waiting for you to come back so he can have the fun and companionship that he is used to. Because let’s face it - being lonely isn’t fun - even for a dog.

Enrolling your dog in daycare is an excellent way to alleviate the boredom in your dog’s life while you are at work. 

How to Select a Doggy Daycare in Northlake

As pet owners, we want to make sure that we leave our pet where he will be looked after with care and have a fun time! 


When it comes to selecting a doggy daycare in the Argyle / Northlake area, there are a few things to consider before booking your appointment: 


  • Wide Selection of Daycare Services: If you’re going to leave your dog somewhere for an extended period of time, it’s better to select a place that offers a wide assortment of services so that your dog won’t get bored! For example, the daycare should have a wide variety of toys, a large play area for your dog to run around, other dogs that he can play with, and maybe even a pool. 
  • Other Friendly Dogs: Socialization for your pet is important and when selecting a daycare, make sure that the daycare has other dogs there as well. Introducing your dog to other dogs is a great way to introduce excitement, fun, and variety into their lives. Additionally, if your dog deals with anxiety, then this is a great way to help him get over his fears. 
  • Trusted Place: Finally, when we leave our best friend somewhere for hours at a time, we want to make sure we trust this place. This includes making sure the daycare has clean facilities, friendly staff, transparent services, and flexibility when dealing with your dog’s specific needs. 


We’ll Take Care of Your Dog While You’re Away

At American Pet Spa & Resort, we provide dog daycare in Northlake in a beautiful, ranch-like setting. When they spend the day with us, your four-legged friend will get to meet new friends (human and/or canine, depending on their temperament), play as much as they desire, and be showered with love from our compassionate staff. Contact us if you have any questions!


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