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Why Grooming Your Dog Matters

Is your dog’s coat looking rough and matted? Then it might be time to pamper your pet with a thorough grooming! Sadly, many new owners are not aware of how important grooming is for their pets. Grooming is in fact an essential part of responsible pet ownership, and while the idea of grooming may call forth images of brushes and combs, it goes far beyond that. Regularly grooming your pet plays a critical role in catching diseases and other health conditions before your companion experiences any discomfort. Continue below to learn more about the vital role grooming plays in your dog’s life. 


What Grooming Offers Your Pet

When you take your pet’s grooming to the next level with professional pet care, you are taking your pup to receive a host of hygienic services. At the hands of a groomer, your pet will be treated to:


  • Nail Trimming 
  • Gland Care 
  • Ear Cleaning 
  • Dental Care 
  • A Thorough Washing 
  • Brushing and Styling 
  • Nail Buffing 
  • Breath Spray 
  • Creams for both Paws and Nose 


Along with a cleansing pampering, your dog’s health will also be monitored. A professional groomer, while treating your pup, will be on the lookout for any signs of disease, such as:


  • Skin Conditions: Any sign of irregular bumps, skin inflammation, hair loss, or redness will be checked for. 
  • Poor Dental Health: If your pup’s teeth and gums are in trouble, a groomer will be quick to tell. Dental care is often a neglected part of pet ownership, but with regular grooming, your pet’s gums, teeth, and breath will radiate health. 
  • Parasites: While your groomer tends to your dog, any signs of parasites such as ticks, fleas, and worms will be checked. If your dog has any signs of parasite infection, don’t hesitate to schedule a wellness examination at your local vet. 


We’ll Groom Your Dog at American Pet Spa & Resort

If your pooch is in need of a thorough pampering, bring him over to American Pet Spa & Resort! Our professional team of dog groomers will offer you a wide range of services for any breed. We promise nothing short of the best grooming experience your pup can have! 


If you’re looking to have your dog groomed, please reach out to us today or visit us at our Argyle location!


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