Miss Kitty’s Cat House

Miss Kitty's Cat House​ is the place for cat boarding in Argyle. American Pet Spa & Resort cat boarding goes beyond what you expect. Our Kitty Condos are perfect for keeping your cat happy and relaxed while you're away. They are multi-level, and each one has its own window. Your cat will be pampered and cared for according to your instructions. Their condos have full maid service daily and clean up as required throughout the day. Meals and water are always served in clean dishes for every serving. We give them a safe, clean, and caring environment to spend their day the way they choose. Meow.

Resort Package & Add-ons

Resort Package
  • $15.99 
    Single Level Condo
  • $20.99
     Multi-Level Condo with  Window
  • $26.99 Deluxe Multi-level Condo with Multiple Windows
Resort Discounts
  • 20%
    off a second pet sharing a room
  • 30%
    off a third pet sharing a room
15 Minutes of Playtime
  • $6.99
    Free to roam, explore the  kitty room, and get pampered
  • 10% SAVINGS
    One playtime per day
  • 20% SAVINGS
    Two playtimes per day
  • 30% SAVINGS
    Three playtimes per day

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