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3 Tips to Deal with Your Dog’s Motion Sickness


Does your dog tend to get sick when you’re traveling with them? Motion sickness in dogs is caused by a variety of reasons. From a biological standpoint, dogs that have an underdeveloped vestibular system (a structure in the inner ear) may get car sick more often. Additionally, a drastic change in the environment can cause dogs to develop anxiety and stress, leading to diarrhea and vomiting. Motion sickness is a fairly common problem and research shows that approximately 15% of all dogs suffer from motion sickness.



If your dog is suffering from any of the following symptoms, then your dog most likely is experiencing motion sickness:

  • Whining and Pacing
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Lethargy or Inactivity
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea

Luckily, desensitizing your dog to car travel can be accomplished, although it may take some work. Below are some tips to help your dog cope with motion sickness: 

Gradually Expose Your Dog To Car Travel

Getting your dog comfortable with car travel is a simple matter of disassociating any negative thoughts and feelings that may be linked to the car. Start out by getting your dog comfortable just being in the car. For example, try loading your dog in the car and simply wait in the car with the engine on for a few minutes. The following day, try taking your dog on a short trip around the block. As time goes by, you can start taking your dog on longer trips and gauge your furry friend’s reaction. As you begin to slowly increase the length of these trips, your dog will begin to feel more and more comfortable with car rides and will begin viewing car rides as a fun activity. Once you and your dog feel confident in your dog’s ability to manage longer trips, then you can try taking your pup on a longer trip. 

Avoid Large Meals Prior To Your Trip

Limit the amount of food you feed your dog prior to the trip. Feeding your anxious companion a large meal right before starting the trip would only increase the chances of vomit. Dogs can still throw up if their anxiety levels are high so appropriately time the duration between your dog’s prior meal and your travel. 

Make Your Dog Comfortable

A great way to reduce anxiety and motion sickness during a car ride is to make the environment pup-friendly. Know your puppy’s likes and dislikes and cater to your pet’s needs accordingly. If your dog loves to play with their favorite chew toy, bring it along! Bring clothes with scents of their favorite people. Roll the windows down. Do anything that would distract their attention

If you’re traveling on a long trip and need to keep your furry friend in a safe place, come by American Pet Spa & Resort in the Argyle area where we will keep your pup happy and entertained! Contact us today so that you can enjoy a relaxed trip while your dog is entertained as well!

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